Polished Aluminum 1 Watt Non-Branded Direct Drive Mod

This Light is based off a Beautiful Polished Aluminum Chinese light, the actual build quality is outstanding and passes the blow suck water resistance test (except the switch, I think silicon grease may help that) with excellent results.

Power is from a set of slightly flattened (as in used a few min to take the hot power spike off) Cís (adaptor in pic) or 3,6, or 9 parallel AA NhMh batteries (pics of adaptor soon).

The switch and wiring was easy. I just cut off the extra that was there for the PR socket and then soldered hookup wire very close to the switch to minimize resistance, and that was that for the switch. I tested it with 2 amps of draw for a few minutes and it held up, it got a hair warm and stabilized, but Iím not going to be drawing anywhere near that with the Lux 1 or even the Lux III so it should be OK.

I used another 1 Watt ďSecondĒ as I do not have the LS IIIís I ordered yet, but was antsy about putting this together. I sinked the LED with AS III to a 3/32Ē thick disc of copper that I cut out, Lapped and then Artic Silver (AS) Epoxied to the factory Aluminum threaded PR collar. This is after I took the rim off and lapped the PR holder collar as well then lubed the threads with AS III and installed the sink.
The reflector is actually very nice, as you can see itís a hybrid. The Faceted parts needs sputtering to hopefully get rid of the two rings in the beam shot.The head is very heavy as well as the body so the sinking to that will be excellent as well.

The light had a hole for a lanyard so I slipped one I had off of a R/C controller. The lens in the pics is stock, but I fitted a UCL to it (I had to take a few Thousandths off of it to fit) I think Iím gonna pick up a few more of these as they look great and are different from the ďSame Ole MagĒ. Over all I am Very pleased and have a total of 3 hours into it (and one doing the pics and WebPages). It is not anodized from what I can tell, but if it gets scratched polishing it back out will be a breeze. I need a name for this one too, any input?

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