Super Bright DD 3C cell 17 LED Flood Light

This Light is based off a green 2D Mag light with the switch mechanism bored out by another CPF member. Hence the high amp rocker switch (waiting for a really high amp Incan mod to do to this one) The switch still fits under the rubber dome and is just as weather tight. It is a bit different to use compared to the stock Mag unit but still intuitive. The Aluminum heat sink/Led Panel is weather tight as well, with O-rings from behind and pressed tight in (I havenít dunked it yet, but I might silicon grease the switch dome and drop it in the tub and see what happens (no batts of course). This is Defiantly my most used Mod, but not my favorite.

This black 9 LED 3 cell D Mag is the predecessor to the "FLOOD" it's a bit big but it sure does run for a long time...

The G2 above is about 6 feet out, where as the rest are about 4 feet away from the backdrop. Even though the flood beam is not exactly what I wanted, it throws up a nice curtain of light. I may try some 30-45degree LEDs for the next one so I get the Mega big brother X5T effect.

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